Hawaiian Airlines pay increase

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33% raise over the 4 year contract… that’s industry leading. Delta’s new TA was 31% over four years with similar yearly raises built in.

Delta 18% on signing
+5% after year 1
+4% after year 2
+4% after year 3

Keep in mind roughly 16% raises would just catch up to the rates of inflation since the last contract. That is really the starting point, any thing after that could be seen as “a raise”.



As you will all learn, there’s MUCH more to contracts then pay rates. Pay goes up and down but work rules determine your qol.

Far too many pilots don’t understand that.



Oh absolutely, I agree. I don’t know enough about Hawaiians work rules to comment on QOL improvements. The pay scales seem to be the biggest talking points lately in keeping up with inflation. I think it’s significant to point out. After SkyWest’s new contract, many pilots were blinded by the massive pay increases but it really was just a big shifting act. We got paid more per hour, but the efficiency of trips degraded, the average trip credit is continually coming down and the overall credit per month is coming down so the overall size of our paychecks didn’t reflect the raise as much as people hoped.