Hawaiian Airlines


All our A330s have fold out tables. Keep in mind airlines have the ability to order their aircraft with a variety of “options”.


All of ours have the foldout tables. It is just like a car, some people like bucket seats while others like bench seats.

Hi Adam.

Been awhile since anyone has posted any questions on this thread. You still around? :slight_smile:

So, I’m starting in Jan/Feb of 2023 and hoping to get the 330, specifically hoping to end up on the 330F.

The last 4 of my social are really high, so I’m most likely going to be at the bottom of the seniorty in my training class.

Would you think that there is any chance of starting on the 330 and transitioning to the 330F when the Amazon flying begins?


First off congrats on getting hired.

As for which aircraft you’ll get is really anybody’s guess so yes it’s possible. We need pilots on all fleets and I’ve seen everything from mixed classes to entire classes going to a single fleet. I wouldn’t count on the freighter as first there’s alot of interest and second we’ll be starting the flying in small increments (as I understand it) and if they need pilots asap, they can take pilots already trained.

That said things are very dynamic and anything can happen. Regardless it’s always better to get on the seniority whether you get your first or your last choice. Our seat lock is only 2yrs and that’s nothing when you’re looking at a long career.


Thank you Adam.

See you soon.:wink:

Not if you fly cargo you won’t!


:rofl: :thinking: Why so? I mean, personally, I live in Salt Lake and will be commuting initially (I know, not optimal, but cost of living etc. etc.) and saw some speculation that the mainland freight base could be Cincinnati, which would be a much easier commute for me. :wink:


I was simply saying I won’t be flying cargo so if you are I won’t be seeing you. It’s all yours!