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Height Limitations For ATP

Hi All,

I’m seeing some height and weight limitations on the ATP website which I’ve listed below:

  • Adherence to Height and Weight Limits - Due to aircraft operational limitations, students taller than 6’3" or weighing more than 250 lbs may be denied training in ATP aircraft.

I am 6’5’’ and currently working on my PPL flying a C172 with adjustable-height seats. Would my height actually effect my training at ATP? How would I go about figuring out if I’d be able to train before applying?

Thank you!


You would need to contact ATP admin directly. 800-ALL-ATPS



I recommend that you speak with the admissions department on this one.


Called the 800 number and spoke with a rep about the height restriction. The gentleman said that I wasn’t able to enroll due to head clearance in the PA-44s and how it can be a safety hazard for new pilots.

Any suggestions for other well known/respected pilot schools?

Thanks all!

On the other end of the spectrum, im a small guy coming in at 5’3 and ~110lbs.

During my discovery flight I used a cushion to prop myself up a bit and see over the nose of the 152.

Do the planes at ATP come with adjustable seats or can I bring my own booster seat?

Hi Leon,

The seats are adjustable, but you’re welcome to bring your own booster. I know of several students and instructors that use boosters/cushions.


It is common for individuals to use a little cushion to boost the height in the seat. Not only did my instructor that trained me during my IFR CSEL flights use one, they let a student of theirs borrow the other half for their training. As Bennett said, all ATP plane seats are adjustable, they have their height limits and you can depress the button to lower it.


That’s no problem at all as long as you use whatever means necessary to achieve the full range of motion with the flight controls. ATP planes all have adjustable seats that go up and down for height on the dashboard and forward and back for leg length. You are also allowed to bring your own booster seat as needed but it is not provided by the school.