Height requirements

Hi, my name is Zoe and I have been wondering what are the ranges of weight and height that a person should be in order to become a pilot? I’m 5’2 and I feel like I’m a bit too short to become a pilot and I don’t know if this is true or not. Thanks!

Hi Zoe and Welcome,

This is an easy one. The answer is no, you’re not too short, UNLESS you want to fly for the military. The military does in fact have height (and weight) requirements, but flight schools and more importantly the airlines, do not. The only requirement (obviously) is that you can safely reach all the controls. I know MANY short (and tall) pilots and I think it’s the really tall pilots who have bigger issues since many airplane cockpits can be pretty cramped. There are a few pilots I currently fly with who are definitely less than 5’2" (that’s my daughter’s height I use as reference). Other than a seat pillow they carry (and always seem embarrassed by) they do just fine.

I’m afraid you’ll have to find another excuse not to fly :wink:



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Ah thank you for answering my questions. Beside being a bit short I have no problem flying and I did tried an introduction flight before which was awesome! Currently I’m working on my AAS and then BAS degree before I start my training.
Also if I do start with my training, what time will the classes be and such? Like a schedule of a week in the program would be very helpful because I would need to work.


Obviously schedules will vary from flight school to flight school but if you’re talking about ATP you won’t be able to work. The ATP program is an accelerated FULL TIME training program modeled after actual airline training. The same way if you were hired at an airline you wouldn’t be able to work, that’s how it works at ATP. I appreciate this can make things difficult but you have to try and look at it as the sooner you get finished training (which you will as much as a year or more sooner than other programs) the sooner you’ll be actually working as a pilot and the longer your career will be making you considerably more in the long run. That said I understand that’s just not possible for everyone in which case you’d have to look to other schools.


Ah I see, I like it how it is an accelerated program which is perfect! So I will make it work somehow. I learn things really fast and when a class going too slow I get bored. Thank you for answering my questions.

Thanks for asking!


I am in the same boat as you when it comes to getting your degrees. As I graduate in May, all i hear from people that my mom flies with, they always tell her that what I am doing is very smart. So just know that the way your going is a great decision!!
Good luck to you

Hi guys my name is mahmoud… I have a quick question about becoming an airline pilot. Does it matter is you’re tall or short? I am afraid I can’t get into becoming a pilot because I am 6.2 :frowning:

I dont think 6’ 2" is too tall. You may train in a Cessna 172 or Piper Archer, rather than a Cessna 150, but I don’t think the height is extreme.


While the airlines have no limits or restrictions comfort can be an issue. That said at 6’2" you’re no where near being too tall so relax.


ATP’s height restriction is 6’3", so you are fine. I would not worry about this.


No it will not. The height restriction is for ATP flight school do to the size of the training aircraft. You may be able to find other schools that will accommodate you.



I know several very tall pilots, it is not an issue at the airlines. It can be an issue withhough flight training though as you will need to find a flight school that has airplanes that can accommodate such height.


No, I’m 6’2 230 and had no problem through training. Archer, C-172, and Seminole. You’ll be fine.

I’m 6’5 240. I was looking at both a campus near me or all the way to embry riddle. Can’t see to find a regulation at any of these. I’m 23 now but considering to going back for another bachelor’s in aviation.


There is not any regulations against height. Take a look at Max Weldon (aka Citation Max on YouTube), he is around 6’4/5" if I remember correctly, flying in a Citation Jet.

Have you spoken to ATP’s Admission Department (can contact them at 904-595-7950) about your height and enrollment opportunities at ATP? You’re at the right age to start training to get the most out of your seniority at the airlines later in a career (if that’s the route you’re looking at). If you already have a Bachelor’s Degree in any focus, you’re already a step ahead most that are going through flight school programs at Universities and ATP’s program would put you even further getting the opportunity to complete your training quick and time building quicker as an instructor.


There is no FAA regulations against your height and weight but ATP does have admission guidelines for who they admit. I believe anyone over 6’3” needs additional approval. Please contact ATP admissions for more info.