Height/Weight and Difficulty of Pilot's License

Good day, I have a few questions

One of them is that I am 6’0 and I was wondering if there is a height and weight restriction for becoming a pilot.

Also, I was wondering how difficult it is to get a pilots license.

Thanks, Dan


While the military has formal height and weight requirements the FAA does not. As long as you can comfortably reach all the controls and fit in the cockpit you’ll be fine. As for how difficult it is to get a pilot’s license it really depends on your goals. If you simply want to fly for recreation getting your Private license is fairly easy. If you want to fly professionally it requires much more work, time and money.


Adam is right about the FAA not having a height or weight requirement but ATP does require it’s students to be less than 250 lbs in order to complete the program successfully and be hired as a CFI.

I was never told this. There was nothing asked when I did my intro flight or signed up. Can I still be a student?

Not if you exceed the weight limit. Call the admissions department to discuss your specific situation, please.


The weight requirement is due to the weight and balance limitations of the aircraft we operate.
All aircraft from the biggest to the smallest have these limitations for the safe operation of the aircraft.
As Chris mentioned the admissions department would be happy to discuss this further with you.

Thank you Danielle and Chris. I am currently trying to get down to 250 before I start in January.