Hello everyone, I am 15 and have been researching being the youngest person to fly solo across the world

As you saw, I have looked into flying around the world, as the youngest person in the world to do so, solo. I know this is an extremely expensively venture, and that it is unrealistic although definitely achievable. I was wondering what y’all think about this. I know this is more of a dream than a reality but I would still appreciate all criticism ( although hopefully constructive ) and enthusiasm for this venture. My main question is how do I start off getting an investor like Matt Guthmiller did? Since he flew a beach bonanza from an investor. I love aircraft and have spent many an hour doing simulators. I did one of the discovery flights many places offer and flew a glider. So I know this is what I want to do in life, but am unsure how to proceed should I just leave the record breaking to others? Thanks in advance for all of your help on the site, past, present and future. ( I have an up to date passport and am equipped to travel to other countries )


While I appreciate your enthusiasm and wouldn’t want to do anything to dissuade you from your dreams, this forum was created to answer questions people have about careers in aviation (particularly the airlines). While I know who Guthmiller is (in his own words), he was simply bored and decided he wanted to break a record. If that’s your goal you’d be better served researching or even reaching out to him or others of similar interest.


Thanks, I appreciate the help.