Help Finding a Club or Partnership

Hello everyone, (KPBI) student pilot. 45hrs. Solo xc and checkride prep left before my checkride. 5-7more hours.

Mission: fly 200 hours before Nov 1, having completed Instrument and working toward CFI.
One trip of 30 hours ‘lap of the Midwest’ , ability to fly to bahamas. (When it opens) and not get hammered for overnight stop$. Year 2+ instruct part time and slowly time build. Flying south FL / SE US and Bahamas/Carib.

I only post when I can’t find a similar situation. This site and the Career Aviation Mentorship group on FB have been fantastic resources.

I’m blessed to have a great job in our current industry aboard yachts. My boss helped start my PPL and has offered me a gift to continue my training this summer while I’m on a slower schedule. (Winter peak season)

I’m training locally and my school is the typical IFR 172 or pa28 180 @$150/ hr wet. But no option to do ‘the lap’ or Bahamas. Typical 3hr overnight min

I’ve met a group of guys that owns a 172 with an avgas Stc and they’re at $90/hr…with their instructor :exploding_head:. Only problem is they’re not accepting new members.

There’s a n35 nearby looking for a partner, and I’m not opposed to getting the complex hi performance training anyway but I’m not sure the owner will be excited about a student pilot partner lol. Let’s be real…

Other than that, I can’t find anything to fit my mission without scanning TAP or controller etc. so if you know anyone please contact me!!

Some people say ‘buy early’ some say ‘rent’, even others have said ‘start your own club’ and I’ve already talked to counsel about that. I know a few guys who would split time but not interested in owning. But a time builders club could be beneficial to the local ramp if I pay it forward with some management time.

For the sake of conversation let’s use some round numbers…I have $23,000 cash on hand with another 12-18k available distributed until Nov 1, and another 5-7 after that to make a one year to date total of 40-50k

Option 1. Find a club (but I can’t find one)
Option 2. Find a partnership (also can’t find)
Option 3. Purchase, fly 200 hours, start a club in Nov, split time as often as possible along the way.

All that being said, if you’re still reading and find yourself local from SUA to BCT please feel free to contact me directly. I’m always looking to meet new people in aviation.

Thanks for any thoughts you may have! Ben


You mentioned about the “Career Aviation Mentorship” group on Facebook, have you come across other Facebook groups such as Pilots and Aviation Enthusiasts or Cessna Pilots as these have a lot of individuals looking for groups and such like you. I know GA can be very difficult to get into, I was lucky to have a connection through my one family members workplace to connect me with an opportunity I could not pass up. Spend some time around local airports if you can, check out AOPA for any clubs also.