Helpful tip to make the King's videos easier to digest

I found the videos’ pace frustratingly slow so I’m using a browser addon to accelerate them - cutting down studying time in half! If you’re using firefox here’s the addon link (virus-free):

Good luck fellow students!

p.s: apologize if this post is inappropriate (will remove if so).


I would not recommend fast forwarding your studying, but if it works for you…



While I’m sure some will appreciate your “add-on” the King’s have been refining their videos and courseware for decades. The goal is not to simply get through the course but to learn and understand the material.

As Chris said, if this works for you that’s fine be cautious you’re not fast-forwarding over something important.


Loud and clear.

Addendum: I recommend setting video speed to %125 for optimal experience, but never skip ahead.