High school and no college

So i plain on going into ATP immediately and not going to college. Though i can take college classes after my sophomore year of high school. Should i take those classes or should i wait and go to college?

Both. You should take college classes AND THEN go to college.


Hi Bella,

I second what Adam said. Also, with how tough admissions to ATP have gotten, I wouldn’t plan on being able to attend right out of high school.

Adam and Jake,

so I will do that but the collage i have dreamed of going to is University of Southern California and Florida State University. If i go to either, would a bachelors degree, masters degree, or a associate’s degree be better? i know its an odd question, but i feel like the more information i have now the better chances i know how to proceed after high school before flight school.


Not an odd question at all. The airlines prefer a 4yr Bachelors. Nothing more nothing less. Further it can be in any field of study you like.


I would stick with whatever college you can afford debt free. Getting into a lot of debt for a degree you’re only planning to use as entry criteria for an airline will only set you back further, since it will be hard to afford flight school.

so technically i could go get a Bachelor’s in Art and Design(it would be photography) and it could possibly help me get in because it counts as a bachelor’s or could i go for something like computer science? Im interseted in both. and would doing my classes online effect anything at all?


You can literally study anything you’d like, as long as you graduate with a bachelors degree. Preferably you should get it in something that can provide you a good back up career in case of future airline furloughs.


I would disagree with Jake about the debt. Yes, chose a college program that his not terribly expensive, but also chose one that you are interested in and could maybe see yourself doing if for any reason aviation does not work out for you.

And yes, you could get a bachelor’s degree in art, or computer science, they would both help you when filling out applications for the major airlines.


This is very helpfull.

i looked up Deltas website to get a jist of what requirements are needed for an application and its saying a 4 year degree, would i be able to get my bacholers with 4 years? and i know its sounds crazy but my parents were talking about how i can get out of high school with my bacholers already.


You will need to ask your parents and your school counselor for more details on that one. I have never once heard of a student graduation high school concurrently with getting a bachelor’s degree. If I did, I would seriously question the validity of that degree.


Hey Bella,

My wife was able to complete 1 year worth of college classes while she was in high school, and I’ve heard of some very high achievers doing dual enrollment and AP classes able to graduate high school with an associates degree. I think that’s probably the best you can hope for, and it would get you to a great point where you’d only need 2 years more to complete your bachelor’s degree.


Find a study or field interests you, especially when looking for collegiate schools. If you have scholarships or can apply, that would also be a great tool in your back pocket while applying and attending college. The one thing I wish I had done was apply for more scholarships in high school, they never really emphasized that until senior year and I felt behind and out of the eligibility window.

Many airline pilots have degrees that are nothing aviation related; I think a business degree is most common. I have a Bachelor’s in Marketing. Think of the degree as something of a backup plan if something in aviation fell through or you got grounded for some time. The other thing is too, if you find something that interests YOU, you will do a lot better than if you were forced into it.