High school student wanting to become a pilot

Hello, my name is Aden and I am a senior (18yrs old) and on track to graduate. I have some questions about what would be the best or most recommended track to pursue to become a pilot. Firstly, I am wanting to go to an ATP flight school in Denver, Colorado. I would be moving from my home state of Iowa and my closest relative in Colorado would be my grandma, who is a 3hr drive away. If I were to go straight to the ATP flight school how would I pay for housing, food, gas, and all living expenses? I know that it is highly not recommended to work during the 7 months, but how would I basically survive and continue my education? Along with living, how would living arraignments work with the apartments listed on the main website? Like how would I get a roommate, what would come included with the apartment, how would I pay rent, would I need to move to different housing after the 7 months or would I be able to stay there for longer? Any and all information regarding this would be greatly appreciated.


First off a 3hr commute will not work so you’d either have to use ATP housing or find your own. ATP housing are furnished, shared apts that are offered at a reasonable rent (which can vary based on the location). It’s only available to students. Once you complete your training you’d have to find your own place to live.

Next how you cover your expenses is on you. Most people take out additional funds as part of their loan to cover their living expenses or wait to start their training till they’ve saved enough money.



I’m with Adam here, a 3 hour commute is not doable. That’s 6 hours roundtrip, when do you plan to eat or rest, study? I think if you can find an apartment closer or housing that you will be better off. ATP offers housing (which is month-month) that you can utilize if it’s available at a location you’re attending. Like Adam also said, living after your attendance at ATP is up to you. If you’re given an opportunity to instruct at ATP you may be able to choose any location or stay at training center.

Expenses is on you, if using the Sallie Mae loan, you can add additional funding which is given on a monthly disbursement (up to $2,000 with review of loan by ATP) which you can use for everyday living expenses.