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Hit a milestone today!

500 hours seems like so many, looking back 18 months ago when I started. I’m sure that at 1000 and 1500, I’ll look back on today and wonder where the time went.

My advice to students (and new CFIs): Enjoy every flight, no matter what you’re doing! Pattern work is an opportunity to refine your skills, as well as help students with theirs. Always be present and offer constructive advice.


Nice job! Keep chippin’ away! It’ll go quicker than you think!


Well said, Bennett. You’re going to make a great Captain some day.


Great advice! You’re absolutely right. That goes for anything you do in life. If you can find joy in what you do every day, you’ll have much more happiness. :slight_smile:
The time will go by faster than you think! Especially now that pilot hiring and training is ramping back up.



Congratulations, I remember hitting 500 as well, it is a big accomplishment. I agree with you to enjoy every flight. I look back on my time as a CFI as some of the most fun and rewarding that I have had in aviation.