Holiday Commute

During the holidays I can imagine that it must be rough to get to work. How do you handle the holiday commute? Also, do you guys have any interesting stories that go with this subject?


Personally I don’t. Since I’ve really never been senior enough to hold the holidays off it’s not a problem. Further while the days before and after are pretty tight, traveling on the actual holiday is usually pretty easy. Like everything else commuting wise you need to have a Plan B, C, D…


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I was trying to commute home LGA-MSP the Friday before Christmas last year, which is one of the busiest travel days of the year. 7 hours and 6 flights missed I finally ended up getting creative and riding to a smaller airport Delta served from LGA and MSP. Definitely my commuting “horror story”, what should have been a 3hr trip turned into almost 12, but other than that I haven’t really had any issues.


I have never really had any issues commuting around the holidays. Flights are of course very full, but there is always the jumpseat to take an extra pilot.