Holidays at ATP

Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn’t find a topic on it.

What are the Holidays like at ATP? Are you allowed to go home for a week or two? Can you continue to train through them? Whats the standard procedures so students and CFI’s?


My student account says dec 23rd through Jan 1st is holiday time off. Not sure if more or less can be taken. Doubt it though due to the fast paced training schedule.


ATP gives a few days off for Thanksgiving, and about a week at Christmas time, per their Holiday schedule:

Students & Instructors are allowed to take the time if they wish, and many do, however, others stick around for some or part of those breaks. It depends a lot on instructor availability, but usually what they do is your training center Manager will inquire who is going to be around over the breaks. At my center, they sent out a text as well as left a clipboard with a signup sheet on the front desk, for students to write down their availability. They do their best to pair available students with available instructors over the break for those that want to continue flying.