Holidays, overtime and diversions

Good day everyone! I’m wondering if the pay varies, and if so how is it figured for holidays? Do you get a premium for flying on holidays? Is overtime possible or are you regulated to flying X amount of hours? When a diversion occurs, do you time out after so long and have to terminate your flight?


Pay rates are contained in the contract that a union has with a particular airline. Typically there is no additional pay for working holidays. This is generally the case with any professional job. For example, nurses often get paid more for working holidays, but doctors do not.

Overtime is possible, but I would not count on too much of it. I generally get about 83 hours of pay per month.

Yes, one can time out on a diversion. If this happens, the flight would cancel. I have never had this happen though, typically diversions do not take very long and you are back in the air soon.



We receive regular pay for holiday flying.

We do have opportunities to pick up premium pay (150%-200%). The most one can fly is 100 hrs/mo, 1000 hrs/yr.

Divert or not, we have maximum duty limits per part 117 rules. With a pilot’s consent, extensions of up to 2 hrs can be added to these times: