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Hotels for overnights

I was wondering if while flying for an airline and say you’re going on a 4 day trip, who pays for the hotel? Do you have to pay some it? Is that what per diem is for? Does it come out of your pay check? Thanks


The airlines book the hotels, and the transportation to them, in advance. The airline also directly pays for the hotel. This means that we do not get any of the hotel rewards points, but we also do not go through the hassle of having to pay and then get reimbursed, either.


What about the transportation back to the airport?
Also, if you want to get around (e.g., go out to eat, sightseeing, or etc), how do you get to places?
Do you usually rent a car or take a bus?


The airline provides transportation to and from the hotel, beyond that it’s on you. Walk, jog, skip, hop, bus, train, bicycle, Uber, rent a car, rent a motorcycle, steal a horse, camel, skateboard, roller skate, scooter, rickshaw, monorail, piggyback, blimp, helicopter, powerboat, sailboat, rowboat… the list is endless. Just make sure you’re back at the hotel in time for pickup :slight_smile: