Hours away from home

I was just trying to get some insight on around how many hours a day are you away from your family. Are you away for days or weeks at a time? I currently work around 50 hrs a week not including my commute, so I’m away alot. I have a 3 year old so I don’t know how I feel about being gone for days and weeks at a time. Thank you in advance.


Airline pilots but definition travel and are away from home for a living. There’s really no way around it. Eventually you can build seniority and have more control over your schedule but you can and should plan on being gone at least half the month, missing many holidays, school plays, ball games etc.

I love my job and I’m not trying to discourage you but I missed ALOT of my children growing up.


Thank you Adam for your honesty. I’m just exploring my options trying to find a career that I’m passionate about.


If you haven’t looked at our schedules in the Schedules section that will give you a good idea of how much time we spend away from home.


Please take a look at the schedules section as it will give you a good idea as to what our schedules look like. But yes, we can easily be gone for several days at a time.

Hello my name is Dakota Lawson

I’ve always wanted to be a airlines pilot every since I was a little boy. I am 17, I’m a senior at T.C Roberson high School, My junior year of high school I enrolled into the dual enrollment program that T.C Roberson offers with AB-Tech community college in their Avation program… I have done 3 Aviation course so far then I started doing private flight lessons with WNC Aviation and I was paying every penny for the lessons out of my own paycheck… I was working 2 jobs in order to afford the lessons but I had to let one job go because I had way to much on me… I had a full load of High school, college and at the time 2 jobs and I couldn’t handle it… Soon after I let one of my jobs go I had to put a hold on my lessons because I couldn’t afford it and still have enough money to keep the maintenance up on my truck and to pay for my phone bill… My parents don’t have enough credit to help me out with a loan and I’m only 17 so I can’t get a loan for myself soo stuck and I don’t know what to do… I absolutely love Aviation And I really want to make it into my career but right now I’m stuck and I don’t know where to go or what to do do you have any suggestions that you can give me?? If so I’m not really sure how this website workes so if you could text me back on my gmail that would be great it’s broncos2556@gmail.com



It sounds like you have a lot going on for your age. Two jobs, flight lessons, a car and phone to pay for can add up to some stress and not leave much time for the one thing you actually should worry about, high school. Right now you just need to focus on your education and graduating with a good GPA.

There are numerous paths to the airlines, check out the FAQ section as it explains them all.



Sounds to me like you’re trying to do everything all at once instead of one at a time. I would focus on finishing school first before continuing your flight training.