Hours/Preferred Schedule

I know for every airline there is a minimum guarantee of flight hours you get paid for wether you fly it or not. However I wanted to know is there a certain amount you can let them know you want to work?
For example could I tell an airline “hey I prefer to fly no more than 70 hours a month and not be on any trip longer than 3 days.” Or is that not allowed.

Thanks, Androu


Most airlines have 1, 2, 3 & 4 day trips. You can bid for almost anything you can think of (# of days, legs, min/max credit, start time, finish time, destinations, co-pilot, etc).

Whether or not you get what you want is completely dependent on your seniority.


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At my airline we can tell them that we prefer to have high, medium, or low hours, but even then will only vary by twelve hours or so and you are not quaranteed to receive your preference. Most airlines are busiest during the summer, so hours tend to be the highest then. Periods like fall and winter tend to be slower.



My airline allows us to bid for a minimum credit line. I don’t remember off the top of my head, but it’s somewhere in the 60’s I believe.


There are almost too many options when it comes to bidding… like Adam said, you could filter and prioritize nearly any aspect of the trip. Reserve min guarantee at Skywest is 75 hrs. Some people bid the min credit line or reserve to keep the hours low. Unfortunately for them, reserve is no longer a good option because nearly every reserve line has been filled the last couple months. It’s a crazy time to be flying!