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Housing Loan and Location

Hello all!
I’ve been scouring this forum and the ATP website for as much information as possible, as I have just finished my bachelors and want to move on with my next journey of becoming a pilot. I have yet to do my initial flight and all that fun stuff but I am waiting to hear back from ATP to figure out some details. In the mean time I have not been able to find the information I am looking for regarding housing. I have come to learn that ATP will not accept the GI Bill or other veteran funding so I am concerned about housing. I want to commit myself fully to the training and learning so having a job while attending the program is out (which seems to be the recommendation anyhow). Do students here generally calculate the costs of living and add them to the loan when they apply? What does that bring my total loan amount to if I live in the ATP housing? What other options are there to help pay for housing? I have no qualms with accruing debt to achieve this goal because I know how lucrative it can be and you can’t put a price on living the dream! Any information on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, I have a real quick question about locations. Obviously, as I have read, ATP strives to make all locations equal and so on but I’m curious what locations seem to have greater experiences. I live in Connecticut and have a very small ATP location about 30-40 minutes away as an option but I also wouldn’t be mad about moving to Boston and attending there so I’m interested in knowing what opinions people have. Thanks in advance!

My wife and I moved to Jacksonville Florida, because I didn’t not have a location close enough to me at my previous location (and we kind of wanted to). You can add living expenses into the loan through sally Mae or Wells Fargo. It will make your loan around 100,000. ATP then dispenses you a monthly allotment if you go with non atp housing. My dispense net is 1090 a month, but I assume that depends on your total loan amount. I hope. This helps.


Here’s a link to the Loan Application Guide:

There you are able to check the boxes that apply to you and your estimated total is calculated.

Answering the second question is hard to answer. I don’t know of any metrics for that. I imagine the ratio between positive and negative experiences is the same.

Your experience really just boils down to your expectations and how much effort you put in. This article sheds light on what I mean. What does an ATP student need to do to be successful?



If finances are a concern (which they are for most people) a 30-40 min commute really isn’t bad. As you said ATP works very hard to standardize all their locations. If you’re looking for reviews of “better” locations I’d take any of those with a grain of salt. All locations have the same aircraft, sims and curriculums. The differences come from the individuals involved. The instructor I hit it off with might not be the one you do. Further there’s a good chance that one instructor you’ve heard so much about might very well be gone by the time you get there. More important, as with many things, you’ll get out of the program what you put into it. If you show you show up prepared and ready to work hard you’ll have a positive experience regardless of location, if not you won’t.



It isn’t that ATP will not accept the GI Bill, the feds will not allow ATP, or any other part 61 flight school, to do so.

Many students add an additional monthly amount to their loans that is paid out to them as a monthly stipend.

If you have a location near you, I would shoot for that. The location size really does not matter, the ration of students to instructors and airplanes is about the same no matter what.


Hello again!

Thank all of you for your prompt responses and thank you for the link Tory! My largest concern is money to live on for the duration of training so it is comforting knowing others prepackaged their loan to do that otherwise I’m not sure how to. When it comes to the experience I was mostly looking for a larger vs smaller training facility and things of that nature but that is more of a curiosity than a concern. Thanks you all again!


Anytime. Let us know how else we can help you.