How can I get my CPL/IR ME in short time?

Hi guys…
I’m 41 years old , holder of CPL/IR ICAO, with the 5000 hrs fligh time.
I have type rated on
BAe 146-300 / RJ
Airbus 300 B2K/B4
Airbus 310-300/300-600
Airbus 340-300/600
I’m a first officer one of the major airlines in iran & living in Iran right now.
I recently got USA permanent residence (green card).
I just applied for FAA to convert my CPL/IR ICAO to FAA PPL and it takes about 3 months to get PPL.
Because of my family which is living in Irvine California , I’m planning to work in one of the airlines in USA after getting my licenses.

I have some questions , and appreciate to give me the right answer…

my questions are :

  1. After getting my PPL FAA , How can I get my CPL/IR ME in short period of time?
  2. Which of flying schools or training centers you guys prefer , to get my courses in irvine California? Or near by it?
  3. After getting my CPL/IR ME , and according to my flight experience, which airlines you prefer to work in LA?
    I appreciate you guys to help me with right answers…


I have to be honest, for someone with your experience, flight time and types I’m surprised you’re on here asking these questions but ok?

  1. The same way you applied to the FAA for your PPL you’ll need to apply for a conversion of the rest. The FAA website CLEARLY states it will take about 3 mos so that’s how long it’s going to take. You will need to do some additional training and take the appropriate checkrides but that’s only after the FAA verifies your licenses and ratings.

  2. If you look at the top of this forum you can clearly see the ATP logo and all the mentors on here are grads of ATP. ATP however can’t help you with the conversion but there are many flight schools in the LA area. Start Googling.

  3. I fly for Hawaiian Airlines, Chris for United and Tori for Horizon. We each have our own reasons for choosing the airlines we did (routes, equipment, bases, corporate culture, etc). This link will show you the various airlines in the area. Beyond that it’s up to you to choose.


Dear adam
I really appreciate for your replies…
I was in USA about 2 months ago, for almost 14 days.
Because of shortage of time ( immigration, social security, insurance…) , I didn’t have enough time to search for those training schools,
By the way, I got an appointment with FAA Office in LA , and they told me that they needs verifications about my CPL/IR from CAA in Iran.
I completed the verification form and mailed that with my CPL/IR & medical certificate to FAA.
They sent me an email that verification of my license takes about 45 to 90 days.
Because of some problems that you may know about filtering of internet in Iran , I’m not able to check about flying schools, Airlines, …of USA with the google…:disappointed:
For this reason, I asked those questions…
So , According to your experience, Is there any chance to work in major airlines in USA regarding living in LA?
Thanks again for your help…

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My apologies, I sometimes forget how privileged I am living here and the ease at which I can access information. Take a look at the link I sent you (if you can) for an overall view of the various airlines in the US. One thing I’m not sure you’re aware of? The law now states you fly for an airline in the US you need to have your ATP certificate. That means after you get your licenses and ratings verified you’ll need to either get hired and fly for a Regional where they’ll get you your ATP as part of your newhire training OR get your ATP on your own to fly for a Major as they require one. That requires completion of the ATP CTP course and that ATP Flight School can help with (