How do I Start Training While in Active Duty Military?

I’m currently in the Military with about 4 years left on my contract. I really want to start on getting my pilots license, and was hoping there was a way I could get most of it done online before I get out. If I have to I am willing to push to switch to National Guard in the last 2 years of my contract for flight training.


From what I’ve heard and seen many military bases have flying clubs or are near local flight schools etc. Problem is with your fulltime commitment chances are your training will be sporadic which will make progress difficult. Most find it better to wait and save their money and then dive in with both feet to an accelerated program (like ATPs) once they’re done.



Some things are just meant to be done in person and not online. Learning to fly is one of those things. There really is not much that you can do online. Once you are within a year of beginning your training, you could start to take the FAA written exams, but there is no point in taking them this far out as the results expire after two years.



I’ve only seen pilots come through that were in the reserves. If you’re considering the NG route, best you speak with them directly.


Thanks for the info