How do you get through flight school financially?


I’m a 23 year old college graduate who currently has a full time job. I’m considering a career change and I’m looking to enroll full time in the Zero to Airline program. My biggest concern is how to get through the program financially.

In addition to paying off my current student loan debt in monthly payments, I’m also paying rent, bills, groceries, etc.

I’ve noticed, after looking through several forums, that the pay once you become a CFI, is quite low (at least in comparison to my current salary). I’m aware that to be successful in flight school, and to complete the program within the two year mark, I’ll need to be enrolled full time.

But to enroll full time, I’ll need to leave my job. I’m sure this has been a dilemma for other prospective students.

How do you make it through the program with no income? Do you recommend taking out a personal loan to cover your monthly expenses?

Any advice and personal experience with this matter would be greatly appreciated, as I can’t quite come to grips with how I’ll cover all my current expenses with little to no income (even after I begin teaching as a CFI, which to my understanding, is an independent contractor position)?

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There are countless threads on the subject which I invite you to read.

The short answer is it’s not easy. Most people take additional funds out with their loan to cover expenses while training and then use the available Tuition Reimbursement by signing conditional employment offers with the Regional of their choice.

Again it won’t be easy and definitely will require some sacrifice but it’s definitely doable.



Ramen. Lots and lots of ramen.

In all seriousness, its s tough, but many before you have done it. It will take some sacrifices on your part and you might need to adjust your standard of living for awhile, but it is certainly doable. Call the admissions department and ask to speak with someone in financing, they can help you with more specifics on this.