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How easy is it to get started

Hi my name is Alekos i live in Chicago currently employed as a ramp agent for Envoy (American eagle). I didnt really think about becoming a pilot until i got more into my job since i live in Chicago i know of an Atp school here in west chicago ive been curious to know how easy is it to start lessons and classes?


To get started with ATP you need to call the admissions department, they will guide you through the application and financial process. It isn’t a terribly difficult process, but there is some time involved. Once you are admitted to the program and the financial aspect is completed you will be able to choose a start date.



My first question is have you ever flown a small plane? If you haven’t you need to. While being around airplanes can give you the bug, until you’ve actually been up in one you won’t know if it’s something you have any aptitude for or even enjoy. While enrolling in ATP is the best route to a career in aviation it is a big commitment both time wise and financially. Before you take the plunge I recommend you at least take an Intro flight or maybe even a few lessons.


Ok thank u