How far in advance should I get the ball rolling?

Hey everyone. Happy Labor day!

It’s crazy, because I remember reading this forum when I was in high school about to go to college, and here I am, about to graduate a semester early (thanks to Chris and Adam warning me not to go into an aviation degree I got computer science instead). I have decided despite CS being a good and well paying career field I want nothing to do with it, and I will jump head first into flying once I graduate in December.

I was wondering, how far in advance should I be applying, given my December grad date? I don’t want to be too early, but I also do not want to be in limbo for a while either. I will be applying for financing as well if that makes a difference.

I am extra excited because ATP now has a Boston location really close to me, and offers financing. I won’t need to factor in housing + cost of living into my loan since I would live at home. The location has lots of mom and pops right next to ATP that are considerably cheaper but do not offer financing.

Glad to be back on this forum, and thanks in advance!


Glad somebody finally thinks I give good advice! :wink:

As for when to start it really depends when you’re looking to start? You say you graduate in Dec and want to drive right in. If you mean immediately (like January?) then you really should start the process already, particularly if you have a specific date and location in mind so you can secure a slot.

Here is the link to the enrollment process. As you can see there are more than just a few steps so time to get crackin’!


Welcome back, Moustafa! I would start now. December/January is not far off. Remember to also consider studying for the written exams as well if you are able.


Thanks so much guys! It is good to know I should get started now.


Welcome back! I would apply now, the financing application is good for a year, so you might as well get started on that now.

As for the mom and pop flight schools, they might be advertised as less expensive, but I guarantee that when you really dig into the costs, they will end up being the same or even more. Most flight schools quote a price off of the FAA minimum flight time required and while a few students do get their ratings in this time, the vast majority do not. ATP quotes a complete package price.


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Congrats on your upcoming graduation! Such an exciting time for you closing that chapter and starting a new one as a future airline pilot. Absolutely get the ball rolling now. January will be here before you now it.

As others have said, once you have a start date confirmed, when able, try knocking out the PAR written exam.


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Congratulations on the upcoming graduation! We start new programs every Monday but currently schedule 4-6 weeks in advance. I would recommend starting on the steps to enrollment now so that you can reserve a January class date!


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