How hard is ATP?

I’m a senior in high school and about to finish up my private. I was wondering how challenging is ATP? Would it be somewhat less difficult with me coming out of a college prep school? I’m just trying to picture the difficulty level to prepare myself.

Hey Nico,

As simple of a question that is, that’s very hard to answer. Measuring the
difficulty of ATP’s program is hard to quantify because everyone has a
different background. Frankly, you won’t know unless you try. It really
boils down to the individual. You’re the one that has to make the final
decision. All we can do is tell you that it demands a full-time commitment
and you must be able to teach yourself. The instructors can only teach you
so much in such a short amount of time. If that all sounds intimidating,
then I would suggest either finding a different school that has a
self-paced program and/or going to college first.



Personally I consider ATP to be very challenging. While not particularly difficult, challenging is a good word. While many schools and programs will take years to complete, ATP does it in months. That requires hard work and discipline. That said I believe that’s what really sets ATP apart from every other school because I believe it’s a very real gauge of whether an individual will/cam be successful at the airlines. ATP was modeled after airline training and created to replicate the pace at which airlines train. If someone doesn’t feel they’re capable of “keeping up” at ATP, it begs the question what makes them think they could at the airlines?


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