how i can start to be a airline pilot in NJ

Hello Andres and Welcome,

You really don’t give us much info to go on? Do you have any flight experience (and I don’t mean flying in the back of a commercial airliner)? What is your level of education (do you have a college degree)? That aside the process in Jersey is pretty much the same as anywhere else in the US. You need to find a flight school, get trained and earn your licenses and ratings, build flight time by working as an Instructor or other entry level position and then get hired at a Regional.

I guess to answer your question exactly I would take an Intro Flight at ATP (they have locations in Trenton and Morristown) and take a flight to see if it’s actually something a) you enjoy and b) have any aptitude for.


thats the problem I dont find any flight school here, I went to atp trenton and atp in morristown and anybody give me a complete info , I dont have any flight experience


First off I’m sorry you didn’t get the information you wanted at either ATP location. Thing is ATP locations don’t have salespeople or managers, they’re staffed with instructors who’s job is to instruct. And while I do wish some would be more cordial, honestly some are just not really “people persons”. That’s one of the reasons this forum was created by ATP, to help answer questions about the program.

Now as for your statement that you “don’t find any flight school here” I have to VIGOROUSLY disagree! In addition to ATP’s 2 locations you can hardly throw a rock in the state of NJ and not hit a small airport with a flight school. There are literally dozens! I know from personal experience they do training in Atlantic City, Trenton, Morristown, Caldwell, Lincoln Park, Greenwood Lake, Teterboro, Linden, Princeton, Sussex, Andover, Robbinsville, Sky Manor, Lumberton, etc. I could keep going but I think you get my point. There are plenty.

I return to my original statement regarding an Intro Flight. I honestly wouldn’t give any of this a second thought until you actually go up. It’s kind of like saying I like to eat I think I’ll open a restaurant. Until you try you simply don’t know. You can set up an Intro with ATP on their website . If that isn’t convenient as I said there are dozens of flight schools in NJ that would be more than happy to take you up.


atlantic city? do u have the phone number of the school there?


Your best bet is to call the main ATP number at 800-255-2877, they can best answer your questions about the Atlantic City location.