How is the program structured?

Is the program structured in a way that you are at the ATP location everyday for a certain amount of time? Is there a typical classroom setting/schedule?


Days vary but are a mixture of classroom, sim and flights. I suggest you take a look at this section, the Students Experiences, where people have posted their days in detail.



There are hundreds of students’ experience postings across the forum. There is no ‘same day’ at ATP because one day weather might delay a flight and you’ll do ground or the plane comes out of maintenance when you weren’t expecting to fly. You will have flights, Elevate (I.e., ground school), sim lessons, and knowledge tests to complete.

ATP provides a very detailed experience of the “Day in Life” and includes a generalized timeline. I recommend checking it out as its very comprehensive:


Thanks, Brady!

Thanks, Adam!


No there isn’t a set class schedule like a high school/college academic program. You will have a schedule of flights, sims and grounds throughout the week and then you plan your study and prep time around that. Each week your schedule will look different with similar items. As Brady posted above, the student experiences section will be a great resource for you!