How is the social life of pilots?

I’ve been aspiring to become a pilot, but one of my biggest worry is the social life.

For example, in corporate world or a 9 to 5 office job, there’s a social structure where you work with same colleagues day-in and day out, you learn about their lives and have the potential to hangout with them, whereas a pilot would only work alongside with 2-3 other pilots at a time and would never see those colleagues again for months. Adding to that, pilots have odd schedules which makes it even harder to hangout with non-pilot friends.

I’ll be graduating out of college soon, and I worry I’ll have a tough time making good friends if I choose aviation over corporate. So, I wanted to know how do pilots go about making friends and having a social life. PS: I moved from another country and barely know anyone in US.

I think the social life of pilots is just fine, albeit it different from a corporate perspective. Pilots generally only work with one other pilot at a time, so they tend to hang out together on the over nights. While we do not fly with the same pilots frequently, many do make friends in the industry. I have a couple people on my “Find my Friends” app and it is surprising just how often we end up in the same cities.

Outside of aviation it can be a bit harder to make friendships and to have a consistent schedule that allows one to do so. I am lucky in that my wife is rather independent and has her own social network. When I am home, we hang out with them and when I am gone, she does so by herself. I certainly have more days off than any of my friends who work more traditional jobs.


While you don’t fly with the same people often, I have found that you do have the opportunity to spend some quality time with some really good people. I’ve made some of the best friends of my life in this job. I wouldn’t be concerned.