How many flight hours to interview at regional's

After flight training, during flight instructing how many flight hours should you have before you start applying for interviews? I am aware of ATP minimums but, can you get a job offer before you reach minimums.


Many Regionals will give you a preliminary interview at approx 500hrs but some will talk to you before then. The thing to consider is the agreements the Regionals have with the Majors can and do change fairly often. I’d be hesitant to lock myself into something too early as the Regional on top might not be next year.


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500 hours seems to be the magic number, although as Adam said some will interview you with less time. I wouldn’t be in a huge hurry on this, they will of course continue to talk to you once you have more than 500 hours as well.


At 500+ hours after an interview, if you knew forsure the regional you want to be with. Would they allow you to accept an offer, and agree to fly with them at ATP minimums. Or can you only accept an offer after you reach minimums.

It really all depends on the airline. Some put forth conditional job offers at 500 hours, others wait a bit longer. Either way, 1,500 hours is still the key.

If you do it with The ATP reimbursement then you sign a contract at that initial interview (if you decide not to go to that airline you have to pay it back). The plus side is this money is tax free and goes towards your loan.

You can go another route and become a cadet and take a bonus (once @ 1500hr & if they offer one) instead of the tuition reimbursement. Plus side is you can be a cadet at multiple regionals and then pick which one you want at 1500hrs. Negative is the money is taxed.

I’d say start looking for interviews by 500hrs. Airlines go through hiring cycles.
2yr ago Endevor was huge and training backed up
1yr ago it was Republic
This year seems to be SkyWest at the moment.