How old is too old to realistically have a thriving pilot career?


I’m 28 years old, I have a bachelors and a masters degree in accounting. But as you can imagine, accounting isn’t the most exciting gig in the world.

Growing up I always wanted to be a pilot, but in my teens I discovered I was colorblind and that stopped that dream in its tracks. I’ve never truly forgot about my dream of being a pilot, so I was extremely excited to find out it’s still possible to be a color blind pilot depending on the severity.

I’ll be getting a vision test from an AME. But just wanted to see, is 28 years old too old to begin this pilot endeavor? In terms of the mandatory retirement age, taking out more student loans. Just want to make sure I’m not too late to give this a reasonable shot.

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Welcome to the forum. Twenty eight is not too old by any means, but I would not waste any time either. It is important to have realistic expectations. Check out this post for a detailed response to your question:



You are not too old one bit…in fact if you started tomorrow, you would be in eye sight for average start of pilots today. Chris linked a good thread regarding the age question, I recommend you check that and the other FAQs as well since they pertain a lot of good valuable information.