How popular is Alaska Airlines’ LAX domicile for pilots?

This is a question for Alaska Airlines pilots who have been with Alaska for a while, how popular is the LAX domicile during bidding periods? Another question I have is as a first year pilot for Alaska Airlines, which bases are you most likely to get assigned to until you can bid for a new base?


I’m not an Alaska pilot, but I am somewhat familiar with base related topics. Pre-COVID, the LAX and SFO bases were junior. Most new hires were assigned LAX or SFO. That was mostly because of the Alaska Virgin merger. Alaska wanted to expand their flying in California.

The base that you’re most likely to be assigned is the base that needs staffing. It’s impossible to predict which one of those bases it will be. It really only matters when you’re close to being hired because it can change many times before then.


Thank you very much, Sir!

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