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How quickly to instruct for ATP?

Considering making a career change.

Currently a 100 hour private pilot, but have no PIC in the last 12 months.

Realistically what is the quickest I could be instructing? What is the progression? Ground, PPL, twin ect? I am truly a believer that if you can teach the material then you know it. Different students learn differently and that can be a challenge and be more instructive to you.

Fortunate enough to have the funds available to finance the entire venture but would like to minimize the burn out of my accounts. That is of upmost importance to my wife. Live close th where I would train, but originally received my private at CRG in Jax and remember seeing your planes there while toiling around in the Cessna 140.

Thank you for the help.



The quickest that you could be instructing is six months, you can check out ATP’s timeline and progression is listed here:

Let us know how else we can help.



Thank you and I did see that. It appears from wondering around the site that the claims for training appear fairly spot on. Thanks again.

No problem at all, let us know how else we can help you.