How to achieve the dream of a pilot as an African student

Hello every one , my name is Michael, I am 22 years old and from Ghana.
I would like to know what will be considered the best path in achieving my dreams as a commercial pilot. Thank you


Welcome to the forums and thanks for your questions. To better answer your questions it would be helpful to know the following. Are you a US citizen or permanent legal resident? Are you currently living in the US or Ghana?

Thanks, I hope to hear from you soon.


I am living in Ghana now

Is your desire to work for a US airline or an African or European airline?

It is my desire to fly in reputable airline so either Us airline, European airline or African airline I will be OK but especially Us airlines


I think the first thing you need to decide is where you’d like to do your flying? If you desire to fly in the US you should probably do your training in the US. If it’s Europe, I’d do my training there, etc. That said from what I understand flight training in Europe is VERY expensive which is why so many European students come to the US and train here. ATP does actually offer a conversion to the European licenses if that’s your goal. Keep in mind if you do desire to train in the US there’s a very extensive background process that must be completed prior. As for Africa, I’m really not that familiar with flight training or the hiring process for African airlines? Some European airlines have Ab Initio programs where they train you from zero experience. Perhaps some of the African airlines do as well. I’d contact some of them and see?

You also don’t mention you education background? Do you have a University degree? If not that’s another thing you’ll need to look into if you want to fly in the US (and I believe Europe as well?). You can get hired at a Regional airline in the US without a degree but not at the Majors.

My suggestion would be to do some research locally first.


Thank you for all your suggestions it helped a lot

No problem, my friend. Keep asking questions as you think of them. We are happy to help.