How to begin flight school

Hello, I am currently in enrolled in college for an engineering degree and always had the career goal of a pilot, but think it’s best to change to flight school and directly go for my goal but am not sure where to start, I’ve been doing tons of research on flight schools and the best option but was wondering if anybody could give some tips or guidance on the correct steps to take. Thank you!

If you’re in college now, don’t quit. If you don’t want to continue with engineering, maybe you can switch your major to something else. Regardless, you need a bachelors degree to make it to a major. It doesn’t have to be in any field of study in particular so just pick something you enjoy. Then when you’re done with college, start on your flight training. That gives you some time now to really think about what you want. Take an intro flight in a small trainer and see how you like it. When you get close to graduation you can tour flight schools and apply for your first class medical and financing. In the meantime, browse through this forum. It’s chalked full of great information to help guide you.


I’m with Hannah on this. Do not quit school and go to flight school. You’ll need to have a degree so finish up. You also don’t mention any flight experience. Do you have any? If not it would be a horrible idea to change direction without knowing if you have any talent for it or even will like it.



I am with Hannah on this one. As you are already in college, I suggest you stay on that path and finish college, then focus on flight school. You will most likely need a degree for the majors anyways, so it makes sense to knock that requirement out now while you are still in school.

I, too am putting my vote in for you to take an introductory flight.

When looking at various flight schools, I recommend using this list of questions to help compare schools: Questions For Any Prospective Flight School



Focus hard now getting good grades in college, get that degree…then look at starting your flight training. Like the others have already mentioned, a Major will want you to have a Bachelor’s Degree of Science. The other thing having a degree gives you is a backup plan, what if something happens and aviation has to be put aside for a bit (maybe medical? maybe family? another pandemic?), life happens.

I fourth with our mentors about an introductory flight, getting first-hand experience what it is like behind the yoke (control wheel) in an airplane is a much different feeling than being in a widebody airliner going over to Europe on vacation.