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How to fund ATPL studies

Hello there,
my name is Iordanis Sidiropoulos, I’m 27 years old and I am considering making a career change becoming an airline pilot. I 've searched in many sites and many training companies but I still haven’t found a solution to my issue. The problem is that I have no budget, no good credit history neither a co-signer for a pilot student loan, so I don’t know where to look at first hand. Could you help me by giving me some illuminating ideas for my issue ? I believe that everyone should have the chance to make it happen.
Thank you and I wish you good flights !

Hello. Everybody does have a chance, part of that chance involves working towards good credit. My best advice would be to work hard, save your money, and try to build your credit up.

Thank you for your reply, it is a good advice towards making my decisions. But, there is now more question I would like to do. If I work hard and make a good credit history in three years, and then start studying for almost two years I will be at the age of 32 in the best scenario. Do the airline companies hire new pilots at the age of 32 - 35 ? Or would I be late then to be a pilot ? Thank you for your assistance !

Thirties is far from too old. There are people who don’t start till their 40s.


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