How to get an airline sponsorship


I would like to know how do we go about getting sponsored by an airline, I’m very interested in becoming a pilot and would like to take the steps to make that dream a reality

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The Aviate program is the only “sponsorship” you would apply to at zero time. They provide a scholarship for your private pilot license and then stay in the United pathway from a student going through training to an instructor at their school to a UAX regional carrier and eventually United. The program is highly HIGHLY competitive but you can apply for that online.

The vast majority of “sponsorships” you’re thinking of come in the form of pathway programs. They require you to get all your training done on your own dime (or financing). Once you meet their experience requirements, you can apply to their pathway program which can include tuition reimbursement, mentorship and guaranteed final interview. To be eligible for these programs you have to do your training and continue to work as a CFI through ATP (or other partner schools).

Check out the link below for more information:


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Hello Jamaal and Hannah,

I think the Frontier F9 Pilot Cadet Program is also a zero time pilot sponsorship program. Something worth looking into!




Thanks for adding! I read up on the program myself as it’s new to the scene. Very exciting to see how much opportunity awaits eager student pilots these days!


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