How to get job on flight line- starting work in aviation

hello all,

I am very obsessed with aviation. I am saving up for flight school and also considering the feasibility of getting a job (any job) on the flight line. I just really want to start working closely with airplanes/the aviation industry. I don’t really care how. how much experience do you need to start working around airplanes on a flight line? also I’m very good with analysis (worked in that field), physics, engineering, chem, and math.

22, male, 0 experience, 1 hour flight time


Really none at all. They’ll train you. If you’re talking about general aviation just go down to your local airport and start knocking on doors. If you want to work for an airline you’ll start as a cleaner or throwing bags. Visit the airline’s web page and look for openings. It’s really pretty simple.


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There is such a wide range of jobs surrounding aviation that experience and education requirements can vary from nothing to having advanced degrees. There are no requirements to empty lavatories, load bags, fuel airplanes, work catering, etc, which are most of the jobs on the flight line. Anything beyond that will usually require experience and education. Please keep in mind that while working those jobs will get you around airplanes, they will do absolutely nothing to advance your career as a pilot.


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good to know. thanks !

yeah thats a good point. it may be best to just focus on my ppl and flight school. if I’m serious about a career in aviation I’ll probably do something with mechanics (former major was physics) and do training for that. thanks for the input. safe flying!