How to get started?

I saw on the ATP website that in order to enroll I would need an associate’s degree or military experience in order to start. I do have military experience I just don’t have pilot experience. So I don’t know how to even begin my journey toward a commercial pilot. I’ve read some answers in other Q&A but some of the terminology got me confused. Please help.

Hi Joshua,

Not too confusing at all. All ATP is saying is you can’t jump straight from High School to ATP. They need some proof that you can focus and dedicate yourself to an endeavor. Pilot experience is not required beyond an intro flight just to make sure you don’t take out a loan for $65k go up once and freak.

Please feel free to ask any and all questions. We’re here to help.


Oh Ok thank you. I think I read it wrong whoops… It says Associates degree or military experience…sorry lol thank you for your time. The only thing I can think of is how to get a first class medical certificate.

Follow the instructions here.

Make sure you get a 1st class medical.