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How to sign up for ATP? Carlsbad Ca

Hello I am a senior in highschool. What are my steps for signing up for ATP? I will be ready July 2018 and I have no clue on what to do.


You will not be eligible to sign up for ATP right out of high school as ATP requires students to have two years of college, two years of work experience, or a Private Pilot License.

My suggestion would be that you continue your education by going to college and getting your four year degree, then going on to flight school. The major airlines will all want to see a degree, so there is not time like the present to get it.


Hey thanks for the reply. I have almost 3 years of work experience but I wanted to enter ATP right out of high school also I wanted to do online college when I am comfortably doing regionals. Would this work? I appreciate your time.


With all due respect while you may have 3 years work experience you cannot have 3 yrs of work experience which would be “EQUIVILENT” to a degree (ie, full-time) which is what ATP requires. In short you cannot go straight from high school to ATP. Yes you can get your degree online while at a Regional but I would strongly recommend you at the very least get your 2yr degree. First off if you could go directly to ATP straight from HS and built your time you’d still be too young to get hired by a Regional. Second it will be considerably more “comfortable” getting your 4yr degree at a Regional if you’ve already gotten 2yrs out of the way.