I was all set up for a career as a Naval aviator,until I got to OCS and took the flight physical. They found a hyperphoria in my right eye at 2 prisms. (Navy max is 1.5) this ended my flying career with the Navy. I’m going to try for my first class medical the FAA’s limit is 1 prism but they also say if you don’t have dilopia (double vision) then you can still get your first class. The Navy flight surgeon said I had no dilopia on the physical. Just wondering if anyone has had to deal with the FAA with this condition. Thanks,


This is way above my pay grade. I would recommend calling an FAA Medical Examiner and asking them your question, they should be able to answer it. There are some forms that they might ask your regular opthamologist to fill out. I wish I could help you more, but this is really a question for a Medical Examiner.