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I am 23, and I'm lost

I am 23, living with my mother, no job, and cant even open a bank account with good credit(score: 524, I am also a United states citizen who was born here…), I want to do this full-time. How?


Visit our FAQ section and take a look over here at the following link. It’s a great place to start.


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I cant even get approved for without a co signer…

Good evening, Colton,

Financing is the largest obstacle for most. Flight training is expensive, scholarships are scarce, and not everyone will qualify for financing even with a co-signer. That’s the harsh reality. My only suggestion to you would be to find a job, work hard, save up, build your credit score or perhaps find a co-signer with a better credit history.



With no job, no bank account and a credit score of 524, you will most definitely need a co-signer.



Before looking at flight training, I would suggest that you find yourself a bit first, like looking at why you do not have a job. Flight training is a serious commitment, it takes somebody who is very motivated to make it through.


You will need a co-signer. Getting a job, starting to save some money and boosting your credit score should be your top priorities. You didn’t mention if you have a college degree? If not, you could start working on that at a community college and work part time. It may take years to qualify for the loan, if at all. It’s up to you to decide how hard you’re willing to work to make this dream a reality.