I am 50 years old

My name is Ivan. I am currently in the middle of making a decision on which direction I should take at this poin of my life.

I did some college back in the 90’s at Mercer County Community College NJ in Aviation Flight Technology. I was able to passed my private pilot FAA test and did about 40 hours including my 1st solo etc.
Unfortunately did not have the money to continue flying so I stopped flying. Then I changed carrier in IT SALES for almost 16 years but lately I have been thinking about getting back in aviation but I keep thinking I am too old to catch up…Please any advise!



Welcome to the forum and thank you for the introduction. If you go to the Frequently Asked Questions section, you will find a post that deals exactly with your question. After you take a look at that, feel free to ask us any other questions that you can think of.