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I am new here. Is there any one who is available to guide me a little bit? Make it easier for me. Thanks

I am from Houston TX. Anyone is around here? Should I do medical first before I go to flight school? Thanks


The first thing you should do is take an intro flight or lesson. No sense getting a medical if you go up and hate it or get scared or sick. If things go well then you need to select a flight school. Then, before you enroll I’d get my medical. Unless you have some condition you think might prevent you from flying. In that case I’d get the medical first.


Welcome Melody!
Absolutely, that’s what we are here for. Can you tell us a bit about your flying background or experience in any small aircraft? It’s okay if you don’t have any, we just advise you try a few discovery flights before committing to a $100 FAA medical or going any farther down the aviation pipeline!

Thank you. By the way, which state are you from? Where can I get written test material if I want to take a look? As English is my second language, just want to make sure how different it is for me.


I strongly recommend that you take some time and check out ATP’s website, as well as the FAQ section of this website. There is much you can learn from both of those that will help to answer many of your questions.


I live in North Carolina. The mentors are from all different parts of the country as are the participants! Luckily the process for getting a medical and taking the writtens is uniform no matter which state you live in through the FAA.
If you want to get an idea of the kind of questions you will see on the PAR (private written) you can download the Sportys or ASA private pilot test prep app. It has plenty of practice tests and questions you can browse. When it comes time to start studying for your written, we recommend using the King Schools Private ground school course. It’s the one you’ll get access too if you decide to do a program through ATP.

Hi Melody! Thank you for joining. Have we answered your questions?


I am looking for research online. Really want to do it,still worry about if I can be a pilot or not.

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What specifically are you so worried about, Melody?


English is my second language. That’s a big challenge for me.

Tory via Airline Pilot Life <>于2021年11月16日 周二上午10:46写道:

I understand your concern. However, you wouldn’t be the first. Many international students train in the US every year. If you are hesitant to begin a full-time program like ATP, you could always obtain your PPL at a local school first.



I have of course not heard you speak, but your writing is great, so I imagine that your ability to speak English is good as well.

Please do not go listening to ATC on the internet and feel overwhelmed by it. Learning to talk on the radios is a whole skill that even native English speakers struggle with.

I recommend taking an introductory flight and seeing how well you are able to converse with the instructor. That should give you a real good idea where your English language skills are.


Thank you so much. Where can I get some books to see if I can read, understand the test? Before I join ATP, better learn something first. Later I am going to be a full time student. Then I have more chance to get done on time. By the way, do you have any one who can speak mandarin to teach me later? That will help a lot.

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Here is a link to a free Private Pilot written test prep: Sporty's Online Training

I also want to emphasize that when it comes to testing, training to become a pilot involves a lot more than preparing to pass a test. While the free test prep that I am sharing with you may help you a little bit, the test prep is just the tip of the iceberg.

I recommend taking a few lessons at a local flight school. You won’t know if you have the aptitude until you get some real flying experience and perhaps some one-on-one ground instruction.


Thank you, what kind of lessons should I purchase from sporty’s? By the way, I heard about ATP offers group school lessons from king school, is that correct? If so, may I get it earlier?

Tory via Airline Pilot Life <>于2021年11月17日 周三下午8:17写道:

I’ve heard of ATP doing this at some locations, but no. You cannot participate unless you are actively enrolled in the program.

I recommend that you schedule an intro flight at a flight school. If you’re still wanting more, I recommend purchasing the Private Pilot Kings Schools course. If you don’t want to pay for the full course, you can find short videos on YouTube. Again, I strongly recommend that you get some actual flight training from a local school.

Disregard my suggestion about Sporty’s. Sporty’s is a written exam test prep software. I thought you were wanting to see if you could understand test material, but I actually think you would get more out of an actual lesson.


Review the material for the private pilot exam in Sportys. You can get an idea of the kind of questions you could see on the exam and see how you do with the language barrier.
Once enrolled in a start date with atp you will get access to King Schools private ground school course. It will be the foundation of your ground school knowledge. It’s all prerecorded modules with quizzes at the end. Plus at ATP there are elevate webinars (online instruction) offered by live instructors on a multitude of different topics every day. Those are in the group environment.

Thank you. I want to study earlier, might need more time to past the test. So how can I get course ? I can pay if they ask.

Hannah via Airline Pilot Life <>于2021年11月18日 周四下午8:27写道:

I called them but nobody answered the call. Which book should I buy if I want ? Also checked about the price of king school, 279 dollars for ground school, not bad. Want to start, otherwise get done late. Thanks for your advice again.

Sportys is a app to download in the Apple App Store or android store, whichever you have! Looks like about $15 for the prep course. ASA is also a good one…