I am very tall. Do I still have a shot?

I have always had a passion for aviation, and have been sleeping on my dreams simply because I think I’m too tall. I’m 6’6. From everything I’ve read recently, there’s no actual legal regulation stopping me from flying. I’m really pumped at the idea of moving forward with flight, and I would like for this to be an obstacle that can be overcame. Can it?


As you say there’s no regs against it and I do know some pilots your height. Only obstacle will be finding a flight school that has aircraft to accommodate you.


We have more than one person at our training center alone about your height, including one of our instructors. I’d sign up for an intro flight and find out for yourself.


If you are looking to attend ATP, call the admissions department and set up an introductory flight. That is really the only way to tell if you will be comfortable in the airplane. Make sure to tell them about your height when you schedule the flight. If you are comfortable in the airplane and can move the controls without them being restricted, you should be fine.



As the others have mentioned, yes there is no regulation that limits height restrictions; however, there is comfortability and the ability to freely move the controls for flight. Give ATP Admissions a call Monday morning and set up a tour/admissions flight, as Chris mentioned let them know of your height. I know a few pilots that are taller than me and I’m touching 6’2”.


I’m 6’3 and my seating position in the Archer is all the way back and then one butt scoot to the front to lock the seat in place and the seat height all the way in the down position. It would be nice if the Archer had adjustable rudder pedals so I could get my knees out of the way but you learn how to move them out of the way when doing steep turns. Otherwise it’s not that big of a problem.

Odd question, but what’s your inseam? I sit with a slouch anyway, so it’s my legs that are my main concern