I’m new to trying become a pilot

My Name is Owen, I am 18 And Have Graduated From High School Two Years Ago And Didnt Go Straight To College Because I Couldn’t Decide What I Wanted To Do But I Finally Decided That Being An Commercial Airline Pilot Would Be Something I Would Like To Do, So In All I Would Like To Know Some Helpful Tips To get Started Right Away?


Please take a look at our FAQ section as we outline the process and answer many popular questions. Please know that in order to be successful and eventually fly for a Major airline you will want to consider getting a degree at some point.


What’s A Good Degree They Look For Because I Want To Be On Top of The Game, This Is A career I want To Work On In Life And I Don’t Want To Mess Anything up.


The major of the degree doesn’t particularly matter. They are looking more for the fact that you were able to focus, apply yourself, and complete a rigourous academic program and graduate with your degree.

That being said, as you will find if you search the forums on similar topics, you will find many threads where fellow posters (including the mentors) often advise on majoring in something other than aviation that you could see yourself doing. That way, if anything were to happen, and you couldn’t complete your aviation career, you would have something to fall back on.

Oh Ok I Understand, May I Ask What You Majored In For Your AA?

Certainly Owen,

I have an Associates Degree in DNA Forensic Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice & Psychology (double major.)


If I went and got my AA in general education would that be acceptable as the first step into ATP?


ATP requires either your Private Pilot license or a 2 year degree. Sounds like you have that so you should be fine. If there’s any question you should speak with ATP admin.


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