I need your help, please!

Hello ,it’s lydia , i’m 18yo : 10/15/1999 , actually i feel lost and i hope you can help me, the problem is that my degrees are from my country which means that i had graduated from high school in my country and my one year at the university ( English student) is in my country (algeria) , in 21st September i will be back to the US ( i have my Us green card), ( San Francisco) , I don’t have any American diplomats only my algerians diplomat and certificate so i’m wondering If i will be able to join you with my algerians deplomat ? And also without any aviation experience like 0 experience ? Can i join you to start from the 0 to my goal ? If yes how can i join you, should i come to an specific office or something? And do you have any training center in San Francisco ?
Please help me by your answers, thank you


At the very least you’d need to take an intro flight (ATP will not accept anyone who’s never been up in a small plane. No point in taking your money, going through the paperwork and you get sick or hate it). Second ATP requires either your Private Pilot License, a 2yr degree or equivalent work experience which I don’t think you have. I’d recommend you continue your education, get a degree (in whatever you like) since the Majors want one and then start your flight training.