I would like to become a Delta pilot, but would like to get online degree while at a regional airline

My name is Blain, I am about to turn 21, I have spent the last three years since graduating high school cycling through multiple career paths hoping to find a true love for something. I started at college my first year out of high school during covid and absolutely hated what I was doing and had no desire because I did not have an end goal. I have had aviation in the back of my mind since I started high school and was always scared by the money aspect of it. I have since fallen in love with aviation and have tried to research as much as I can to eventually become a pilot for Delta. I am currently working two jobs to save up for flight training. i just want to know if it is possible to build up flight hours and go to a regional airline and gain a 4 year online degree while at the regionals and still have the opportunity to be hired by Delta. I also live in Georgia, where there is middle ga u that has the propel program. I do not know which one would be more cost effective and time effective. I could also go to ATP and pay the 90k and go that route. I just would like to know the truth of how likely each method you are willing to be hired by a major airline. I would truly like to hear any thoughts and advice.
Thank You,
Blain Dewing


Delta is an outstanding airline and is considered one of the best in the World. The Propel Program is one route but it’s definitely not the only one. Further college aviation programs are generally very expensive and also take considerable time as you’ll only be able to start building your time after you graduate and have all your training done.

ATP offers an outstanding accelerated program that can have you building time and working as a professional in only 7mos. Through their partnership with Endeavor, you’d have an equal chance of reaching your goal with Delta.
You should keep in mind since you have no degree, you will have to take an assessment exam prior to enrollment. You also don’t mention any flight experience, and while you may have a strong desire to fly, until you actually go up in a small training aircraft, you really won’t know for certain. With that in mind, I strongly recommend an Introductory flight before you spend any more time pondering this career as you may discover it’s really not for you.


Yes sir, I have done a couple of flights and have loved flying sims for a long time. Obviously does not make me qualified at all but I did greatly enjoy time in the air. I just did not know if not having an aviation specific degree from one of their partnered universities would greatly affect my chances. I know it isn’t necessary anymore to have a degree but I am sure is still greatly preferred. I just wanted to make sure that I would have equal opportunity getting my degree after flight training as opposed to going into training with a degree.
Thank You for responding so quickly by the way. i have been checking my email religiously hoping for someone to respond.


The regionals will not require a degree. While the majors no longer require one, it is still very much highly preferred. There will be no issues with getting your degree before or after flight training, as long as it is from an accredited, respectable school, you should be just fine. Check out this link for colleges that offer credits for flight training: