ID Required for Exams


I am getting ready to start ATP in about 6 weeks and planning to finish a couple of exams before starting. My question is do I need an updated license to take the exams?

I just moved from a different state to complete this journey and haven’t gotten an updated license. My license is current and valid just in a different state.

Thank you!


As long as it’s current and valid you’re fine.



See FAA Airman Knowledge Testing Matrix below (dated May 18, 2021):



Will a paper temporary ID with my photo, date of birth, signature, physical address work for exams? Based on the Matrix it looks as it should since it has all those items. Trying to get my new ID and will have a temp for my IRA/FII exams.


That would be a question to ask the PSI Testing Center directly, I don’t think it would be an issue as long as it was valid and include all information. I would reach out directly to a representative and ask them directly.

Goodluck with your IRA/FII exams!