I'm back!

Today I had my first flight lesson in nearly 5 months. I was flying a Diamond DA-20 in NY for almost 2 hours, and it was hot, sweaty, cramped, loud, and the plane wouldn’t start. It was also the best experience ever.

So today, I basically did a review of all the material that I’m required to know for my solo (I was due to solo in March, but that didn’t happen), and I did fairly well. As they say, you never forget how to fly an airplane. I did maneuvers and pattern work, and for the most part did it all as required. I asked for a brief break down, and it came back to me.

I was really nervous, to be honest. I was worried about how much my skills deteriorated and things I forgot or remembered. That all ended as soon as I took off. I did it all by myself, and found myself smiling as we climbed out. And flying near the mountains, right below a few clouds, reminded me in a way of how much I love aviation. The Hudson Valley is gorgeous, especially in the summer, and flying above it, performing maneuvers was the best experience I’ve had in a long time.



Thank you for sharing. Every pilot can relate to those moments when you are reminded of why you love aviation. I’ve only flown GA three times in the last three years, the last flight being a year ago. Reading stories like yours isn’t the same as experiencing it for myself but it’ll have to do for now :grin:




The Hudson Valley sounds like a really nice area to fly in. I always enjoyed going up to Rhinebeck myself.

I am glad you had a good flight today.



I’ve never been, it seems like a very nice place though. I’m in Orange County, I fly out of KMGJ, it’s right next to Stewart if you’re familiar with it.