I'm gearing up!


Good day !!

I’m excited. I’m enrolled to ATP with all the prelims done.
I’ve my intro SE flight scheduled on a PA-28 tomorrow, and the training to start in less than a month. Yaay !!

Looking forward to the exciting day and the flying ahead.



I am glad to hear that you are really getting the ball rolling. Thanks for the update and please keep us informed as you go through the program.



You should be excited. This is the first step towards an amazing career and you literally could not be starting at a better time. Let us know how it goes.


Hello Everyone,

Sincere apologies that I took few days to update on this.

Due to bad weather, my Single Intro had to be rescheduled and fortunately, it happened a couple of days back.

I had a pre-flight brief with my instructor and we walked to the ramp where the Piper Archer was smiling at us.

We did the pre-flight checks and he briefed me about the controls in the cockpit.
We listened to the radio and were cleared to taxi to RW23 L. With a very good and clear visibility we navigated to HNZ airport where we decided to a go around.

Later, we cruised at 6500ft altitude and did few banks and turns. It was absolutely fun, thrill and excitement being in the cockpit and getting to feel the controls.

Clocked a total of 1.3hrs and got back to the base.

My training date is scheduled to be on Jan 8, 2018. Eagerly waiting for the days to come.

Thank You all for the information, support, and motivation. Feels blessed. Totally appreciate the efforts.

Merry Christmas to all and happy flying.




I am so glad that your introductory flight went well. Thank you for the update and good luck with your training.