I'm scared of heights

I’m esther from kenya. I’m 15 and I have a passion for aviation. My problem is that I’m scared of heights.Did any of you guys have this problem???:fearful::flushed:

Heights aren’t my favorite thing, but I wouldn’t say that I am scared of them. Flying an airplane is a very different feeling than climbing a tall ladder or building. Take an introductory lesson when you can and see if this still applies to you, I bet it won’t.


I don’t like heights when there is nothing restraining me. So standing at the ledge of a cliff is somthing I’m not fond of. But rock climbing while in a harness or in somthing like an airplane I am fine with. So basically if there is somthing between or holding me back from the heights I’m alright.

I don’t have an issue with heights, but a buddy of mine does. He is absolutely scared of them, but he is also a successful pilot. So, it really depends on the person.

Nothing scares me more. But flying, like Chris said is completely different. I’ve never been influenced by my fear while flying

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Seems like a common theme. I start shaking on top of a tall ladder, but have no problem flying.